Thursday, November 17, 2016


I imagine a symphony unseen orchestra
Till the creator speaks to the nothing
And the nothing responds with sourceless light
Speaking again, the nothing shifts
And where there was nothing, there are two
Another word and none begins to halve again
Half flowing, insistent beauty
Ever changing waters so poets long after
Will run along its mysteries hoping to wrap them in words
The other still expectant waiting on birth
The wrist flicks up and “let there be” once again spoken
Suddenly lights congeal into sources
Rulers are established
Proud brassy sun, chest-forward shines
And lady moon silent with her twinkling young
Creation breathless in swelling waves of beauty
Words once more drop
A great exaltation of feathers, fins
The water teems with joyful fish, leaping in honor of life giver
The birds more vocal, yet no less praising give rise to nature’s music
Water smiles knowing her gentle ripples were the first notes, but cedes to the birds
Who flock and spin and gyrate in the expanse
Once more Creator speaks
Amazing sounds from half the earth
The birds begin to sing in astonishment to their new fellow creatures
Ungainly lumbering four footed they may be
They are alive and they hymn the creator
They are good
There is one last final movement
Creator raises His arms for silence
And at His word appears on
He walks upright
The creatures understand their ruler is here
To him is given the music, the exaltation
Care of the symphony