Monday, August 1, 2016

You Missed It

We miss the great things when we've thrown off wonder
When our feet plod in urbanity's trod
We miss grace and beauty of glorious God
And the sun blushing pink as nature watches day's death
Is lost on us men just trying to get out of the cold
For the sake of my throat I hurry through these
Warehouses guardians of industry
Unable to mask the smells and feel of earth
For my health I forgot the miracle of movement
And how my legs know what to do
Yet more tragic, I've missed thanksgiving and praise
In the pinkish-red of the dying rays
And wonder takes a backseat to my well being
I curse the damned cold day
And stumble and grumble His art away

     So, obviously this was from when I was in Oregon. Now I am hurrying to get out of the heat. I'm posting old stuff to sort of get myself in the writing mindset so I can start posting new stuff. If that makes sense.