Friday, July 29, 2016

John 21:15-19

Does your love for me, he asked
Outshine all other loves
And on the beach I heard the seagull cry
And I remembered other birds
After other words spoken before in fear
I love you to the moon and back as far as I can see
Yes, my love, he gently said, and yet
Do you love more than these
Again I heard the seagull cry
I close my eyes
Against past failings
Speech bubbled in my throat
But caught against the swell of sadness
Please, I said, please
Forgiveness immense in His face
But undeserving loud I cried
Yes, I love you as sure as the sun sets and rises
There is a silence and again He says
Child, is your love for me
Greater than any other love?
The third time the seagull cried
And I knew my darkness then
I was filled with the improbability of worth
You know, I wept, you know
I cannot do more
His hand on mine
I accept you, I will build you, he said
Your love is enough, my love will do the rest

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