Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hearing it Wrong/Meandering

I have serious issues with mind wandering, especially when I'm tired. The following is a result.

In my tendency to anticipate endings
And constant completion of sentences uttered by others
I was convinced he said
She was killed over fifteen times
I practically heard him say this
And I have nothing profound to add
But I think of Prometheus
In his Groundhog Day cycle of death
Till I realize Prometheus never died
And this girl's deaths make him seem tame
Except his pain was forever and hers ended
Over fifteen times
Which of course, begs the question, how far over?
How many times exactly had she died?
Surely we can be more specific than a vague
Over fifteen
And then he is saying "Tora Tora Tora"
And I realize we are at Pearl Harbor
The girl has actually been dead for some time now
Over fifteen years ago

Housekeeping: Blogger tells me I have to warn Europeans about cookies on my blog. So, consider yourself warned. Cookies are delicious and this could happen to you.

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