Thursday, November 17, 2016


I imagine a symphony unseen orchestra
Till the creator speaks to the nothing
And the nothing responds with sourceless light
Speaking again, the nothing shifts
And where there was nothing, there are two
Another word and none begins to halve again
Half flowing, insistent beauty
Ever changing waters so poets long after
Will run along its mysteries hoping to wrap them in words
The other still expectant waiting on birth
The wrist flicks up and “let there be” once again spoken
Suddenly lights congeal into sources
Rulers are established
Proud brassy sun, chest-forward shines
And lady moon silent with her twinkling young
Creation breathless in swelling waves of beauty
Words once more drop
A great exaltation of feathers, fins
The water teems with joyful fish, leaping in honor of life giver
The birds more vocal, yet no less praising give rise to nature’s music
Water smiles knowing her gentle ripples were the first notes, but cedes to the birds
Who flock and spin and gyrate in the expanse
Once more Creator speaks
Amazing sounds from half the earth
The birds begin to sing in astonishment to their new fellow creatures
Ungainly lumbering four footed they may be
They are alive and they hymn the creator
They are good
There is one last final movement
Creator raises His arms for silence
And at His word appears on
He walks upright
The creatures understand their ruler is here
To him is given the music, the exaltation
Care of the symphony

Monday, August 1, 2016

You Missed It

We miss the great things when we've thrown off wonder
When our feet plod in urbanity's trod
We miss grace and beauty of glorious God
And the sun blushing pink as nature watches day's death
Is lost on us men just trying to get out of the cold
For the sake of my throat I hurry through these
Warehouses guardians of industry
Unable to mask the smells and feel of earth
For my health I forgot the miracle of movement
And how my legs know what to do
Yet more tragic, I've missed thanksgiving and praise
In the pinkish-red of the dying rays
And wonder takes a backseat to my well being
I curse the damned cold day
And stumble and grumble His art away

     So, obviously this was from when I was in Oregon. Now I am hurrying to get out of the heat. I'm posting old stuff to sort of get myself in the writing mindset so I can start posting new stuff. If that makes sense.

Friday, July 29, 2016

John 21:15-19

Does your love for me, he asked
Outshine all other loves
And on the beach I heard the seagull cry
And I remembered other birds
After other words spoken before in fear
I love you to the moon and back as far as I can see
Yes, my love, he gently said, and yet
Do you love more than these
Again I heard the seagull cry
I close my eyes
Against past failings
Speech bubbled in my throat
But caught against the swell of sadness
Please, I said, please
Forgiveness immense in His face
But undeserving loud I cried
Yes, I love you as sure as the sun sets and rises
There is a silence and again He says
Child, is your love for me
Greater than any other love?
The third time the seagull cried
And I knew my darkness then
I was filled with the improbability of worth
You know, I wept, you know
I cannot do more
His hand on mine
I accept you, I will build you, he said
Your love is enough, my love will do the rest

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hearing it Wrong/Meandering

I have serious issues with mind wandering, especially when I'm tired. The following is a result.

In my tendency to anticipate endings
And constant completion of sentences uttered by others
I was convinced he said
She was killed over fifteen times
I practically heard him say this
And I have nothing profound to add
But I think of Prometheus
In his Groundhog Day cycle of death
Till I realize Prometheus never died
And this girl's deaths make him seem tame
Except his pain was forever and hers ended
Over fifteen times
Which of course, begs the question, how far over?
How many times exactly had she died?
Surely we can be more specific than a vague
Over fifteen
And then he is saying "Tora Tora Tora"
And I realize we are at Pearl Harbor
The girl has actually been dead for some time now
Over fifteen years ago

Housekeeping: Blogger tells me I have to warn Europeans about cookies on my blog. So, consider yourself warned. Cookies are delicious and this could happen to you.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Untitled (Gathers)

It's not like I haven't been writing. I just haven't been reading as much poetry so I am less inspired to post it, and somehow I have grown even more picky about what I write. I think I just need to bite the bullet and post what I have anyway. So, here.

"You gather your people" he said, praying
But I thought, more that that you gather
Hearts  broken to bits and scattered to the winds
Serving to masters and neither of them you
Hunting for wholeness trying to love into loveliness
And scrambling from your presence
You gather minds diaspora
Fractured by disease and heartbreak
And sometimes the Martha minds
Busy at home, but you lovingly gather
Even those wrapped in your work
Too wrapped to worship
Still graciously you gather
Make us holy and wholly before you today
I pray