Monday, March 23, 2015

Up Before the World

I’m up before the world
All around me everyone is held by Morpheus
But I am at the knee of Pegasus
Tasting each moment
Like each sip of coffee
There is a sort of superiority to know the world
Before the world awakens
To feel the morning chill
And reason with the drops of time
Let them know I am sorting out each one
Contemplating the world
I’m alone with my vigilant maker
He and I are talking about beauty
He wills me savor the cold and the silence
And each call of the bird
His morning magic is here just for me
For I am up before the world
And the day is mine for a few moments
This is peace

WOW I did not realize how long it has been since I posted on this one. The sad thing is I didn't really stop writing, I just started getting even more critical. I should just stop being weird and post whether it is great or not, like I did with this one.

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