Monday, March 30, 2015

Birds 2

I want to be the sort of person who hears birds calling
Back and forth to one another
And turn to the person I am with and confidently say
That is a blue jay
Or that is a warbler
But instead I am the person pulling wet laundry from the dryer
Mentally preparing to drape it across my chairs
In order to save $1.25
And who enjoys the birds calling
Back and forth to one another
I guess there is some mundane beauty in this as well
Though in my haste to write this disjointed thought
I have forgotten the wet clothes
Until my husband asks me
“What is this pile of clothes here?”
And I remember the birds calling
Back and forth to one another
But I don’t try to explain why it was important
To write it down
I shrug and give him a kiss
And that is what we both remember
The beauty we both remember

Monday, March 23, 2015

Up Before the World

I’m up before the world
All around me everyone is held by Morpheus
But I am at the knee of Pegasus
Tasting each moment
Like each sip of coffee
There is a sort of superiority to know the world
Before the world awakens
To feel the morning chill
And reason with the drops of time
Let them know I am sorting out each one
Contemplating the world
I’m alone with my vigilant maker
He and I are talking about beauty
He wills me savor the cold and the silence
And each call of the bird
His morning magic is here just for me
For I am up before the world
And the day is mine for a few moments
This is peace

WOW I did not realize how long it has been since I posted on this one. The sad thing is I didn't really stop writing, I just started getting even more critical. I should just stop being weird and post whether it is great or not, like I did with this one.