Monday, December 2, 2013

Return to Poetry

And when we return to poetry
Will the lyrical voices rise
To the occasion or sink
In the cynicism of a wonderless world
Because our hymns are no longer holy
And our praises lack a center
When we return to beauty
Will the artists forget their brushstrokes
And will the paint continually
Drip continual streaks of anger and apostasy
When we hold out our hands for bread
Will we receive a scorpion?


  1. Beautiful and true! I felt this having returned to poetry myself.

  2. THAT was AWESOME! "Will the artists forget their brushstrokes" ... " continual streaks of anger and apostasy" ... "scorpion" ... All the imagery and the point of the poem are excellently delivered. I love your poetry!

  3. Thanks to both of you guys for your kind words! Makes the writing process worth it.


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