Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Call of the Wild

I was not thinking of you
At the sink where my foot itched
And I lost track of my work
I was thinking of the call of the wild
And how dogs can’t hear it nowadays
Because the sirens are too loud
Also my foot was itchy
Perhaps it had found the mosquito
That kept my mother awake two nights in a row
Perhaps it had found other denizens
Of my bedroom walls that once held you in sleep
Only I didn’t want to think of that
And maybe the call of the wild is overrated
The adventure perhaps is learning to love
And to be loved
And maybe making a civilization
Is truly the frontier
In thinking of not thinking of you
You swam to the front of my brain
I had to blink to hold you in
To realize the adventure of you
The wild calls
And I have grown more serious