Thursday, September 12, 2013


We look, I said, in love
I said, look, we look really in love
I said the day the wind whistled
And the sand sung in biting notes
Against my legs climbing
Laborious after your legs
We look really in love, I said
You said, that is convenient, you said
That’s very convenient
And what about you, once again
Your voice as warm and strong
As your body holding me
Out of the stinging sands
Taking the lash upon your own back
What about your hands being so large
And this token so small and significant
What about this moment?
What about forever?
And I was wrong when
I didn’t think I would cry
But you are windswept, warm, and wild
And bravely contained in this man
This hand
This token
This day
I said, yes, I said


  1. Very nice. It's a good thing you posted this one: it's very good.

    1. Thank ye...she says nearly three months later.


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