Thursday, June 6, 2013

Contemporary Crap Museum

Yet how would you fare if I told you how I really felt
As I pasted feather upon evasion upon feather
And if I told you, boy-wonder of the art world
That what you work for means nothing
When it is called art to string together empty words
And beat a drum, naked
And all of the bared bodies from which I’ve averted my gaze
How can I tell you everything here is stupid?
When you look so hopeful in the face of this hopelessness
I could probably light this place on fire
And have more impact for Truth and Beauty
Than this whole museum
Instead I mumble half statements
And hot glue glass pebbles to cardboard
The fun of playing at the craft table
Is almost worth my four dollars, but
I regret the one I donated


  1. No words are empty. We can always find meaning. :-)

    1. Yes, but if we are forced to find meaning because the "artist" has failed to communicate with his audience/readers, we can conclude that the person is a poor artist.

    2. One person might conclude someone is a poor artist. But art means too much to too many.

    3. Ok, let me rephrase: If the artist can't get his meaning across to his audience/readers, he or she is not a good artist.
      What I'm saying is, this museum had no art in it.


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