Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How To Write of Love

It is easier to write the sadness
The dark you cannot understand
The heartbreak and mourning
It is easier to become cynical
And let your poems flow like tears
Down your page
But what can a poet in love tell you
What words can she say
That do not hint of mawkishness
That will tender the hearts
Of even the deepest cynics
I still write
But lately it has been slow thoughts of love
Not the pain of brokenness
That the broken world knows too well
But the giddiness and the skip-to-my-lou
For you, dear reader
I attempt to not shove
The candy coated cupcakes cast up as words of love
But I want to whisper the name of my beloved
Into every ear that hears me
And understands me not
Please do not think I’ve stopped my writing
Because I’m dizzy with joy
I’m just trying to relate
The pure unadulterated joy of late
Love rising like the sun in an exultation of birdsong
But there, I’ve dipped into silliness
And how can I tell my fellow mortals
Of a glimpse inside of heaven
Unless they see it with their own eyes
My eyes unclose his love
And I still cannot believe I’m attempting to tell you
What transport is mine
What all the hardship of my short and coddled life
Has fashioned me into
Something he wants for forever
And forever, dear reader, is long
And long will I write
Trying to understand how to be so happy and beautiful
In a sad and sinful world
God lets in crepuscular heaven glances
And sometimes they shine on our heads.


  1. Nice. It is interesting to see you writing love poems. They're a little difficult, aren't they? Sometimes I think writing a sad poem with originality is just as difficult as writing a love poem with originality.

  2. It's interesting to me too. Yes, they are difficult. I think more difficult than sad poems with originality personally. But maybe if I was still sixteen it would be different.

  3. I love writing of love, even though it's sometimes more difficult to articulate to an audience.. I have been contemplating writing a blog post dedicated to the woman in my life...I still might :)


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