Monday, September 10, 2012


We are so set apart it seems
It seems we are only perfect
And no one else could have the things
We have it seems
You’re lovely; every day is sunny
We’re filled with stories and we’re funny
And we’re perfect
And there should be a bazillion bards
Singing our romance across my yard
How could anyone be
As set apart as we?

We are so special it seems
It seems we have each other now
And in the history of the world
There’s never been such a boy and girl
Why hasn’t there been an angel choir
Singing our story and lifting us higher?
You would think there should be poetry
Or even some far off violins
For these amazing happenings
How could anyone be
As special as we?

We are so unique it seems
It seems no one could feel this way
Or everyone would walk around
Dizzy and blinded and upside down
I’m singing out to the planner it seems
The one who took and molded our dreams
Our brash youths and our broken hearts
Making a joyful surprise
In our lives
How could anyone be
As unique as we?


  1. I am tempted to argue with you. You see, since Graham and I were in love first, I think we get first dibs on being special...
    Okay, never mind. I love your love poems. This captures the isn't-this-crazy-in-an-awesome-way feeling well. :)

    1. Hahaha...yes, I was attempting to poke a little fun at the "What on earth!? Why isn't EVERYONE doing this?" feeling.

  2. I really felt this one, Heather. Brought tears.

  3. Pretty good. Any reason for this new-found experimentation with rhyme? Been reading a bit of Longfellow perhaps?


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