Friday, September 7, 2012

Grace Upon Grace

In all your plans I’ve stood outside
My own way I have tried and tried
Incurious I have slashed my trail
You’ve kept me still inside your will
And now I stand with humbled head
Your grace before me you have spread
For every time I’ve questioned you
I find for me a gift or two
This ever present giving Lord
I still refuse to trust His word
And when He still my savior is
I’m shamed inside this present bliss
I fear I’ll never learn that you
My story wrote, you’ll see me through
Till the day I fully understand
Face to face in distant land

Fun with couplets. I'm experimenting more with rhyme these days. I personally think it sounds a bit like Dr. Seuss, but we'll see. One of the issues I'm having is the fact that I'm speaking of God in both 2nd and 3rd person. Obviously I couldn't consistently keep it one way because of the rhyme scheme. Anyway, yup...that's what I was messing with today.


  1. Good poem heather, I try to avoid rhyme, but if it fits it fits...

    I wounder how you would feel about changing one word in the poem...

    "I fear I’ll never learn that you
    My story wrote, you’ll see me through"

    "I fear I’ll never learn from you
    My story wrote, you’ll see me through"

    "I fear I’ll never learn that
    My story wrote, you’ll see me through"

    there is just something about the combo of that and you that throws me off...but this poem being yours, and not mine the decision is up to you and all that :-)


    I am enjoying our little debates by the way :-)

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying them. I am too.
      That line bothers me too. There are quite a few that do. I'm slightly uncomfortable with rhyme in general, but I am trying to experiment.


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