Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Could We Not Cast It Out (Mark 9)

Keep me ever in mind of my nature
An extended arm, no less, a finger
A dust mote from your fingernail
Settling down dispensing a flavor of you
A shining from inside me
Leavings of your work
Keep me ever grateful for your breath
In my lungs, your tempo in my heart
Your Spirit infusing my spirit
And any attractions I offer, outside myself
Minute shards of glory in my speech
Keep me humble, keep me small
So that your raising me on the last day
Be full more miraculous

   Sunday's sermon was on the demon possessed boy the disciples couldn't heal. Pastor suggested that perhaps the disciples couldn't heal because they somehow slipped under the impression that they could heal. To God ever be the glory.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Going Home

I was looking at our shadows
On the way home
The words you spoke swam
Before my eyes
Like that set apart feeling
I often feel now
Thinking I am part of a whole
I was thinking of our history
And re-writing you into my life
Our shadows went before us
Like my future
Like our past
And things once said in jest
Becoming real
Skeletons of love clad now in flesh
Made to dance before our eyes
Like shadows
And I think there was a moon
But I didn’t see it and I heard nothing
I felt a thousand things
All too foreign to pass my lips
Pondering in my heart
I was looking at our shadows
They looked like comfort
They looked like home

   Wow guys, look a post! I figured it might be about time. ;-) Yes, it's for John. I am going to warn you now that anything that isn't overtly about nature or God is going to most likely be for John. What can I say? He's a special guy.