Friday, July 27, 2012


There were we looking into the lightness
The words were tumbling to my surprise
And my hands were shaking
And my thighs were shaking
I feel like I might be falling for you
Like I felt like falling
When you told me you’d fallen
You looked suddenly different
But the same dear face
I find that I can’t quite meet your eyes
For the very first time
And something seems to let go
In my stomach
Still I reach for doubts and demons
Because I do that, but they're gone
Peace given me by grace is roiling
But I want this
And there seems to be a lightness
That I hadn't seen before
But the wall I built in brashness
Of blind and foolish knowing
Is beginning to crack in the light
From the next table and
What about you? And What about you?
And I asked you if you were being funny
And I felt strange
And I felt light
Pouring from other tables, other talkers
Other graspings for love in the new
And we in our comfort are beginning here
Your words in my ear
And I can’t believe you just said that
And I can’t believe we haven’t done this before
This night of all times, in all places
I’m glad it was you
I’m glad it was me 

*for John*


  1. I'm glad. So glad, Heather. Will you give me lessons in poetry-posting-bravery?

  2. Heather, I had to look up roiling...very apt word, very.
    Sounds like good things are happening for you:-)


    1. It's one of my favorites. And yes, very good things.

  3. Hung on every line. Great work :)

  4. I'm so glad that you said at the end that it was for John because I was sitting here thinking it was all about me and I was all confused (and slightly weirded out) and . . .

    Yes. For John. ;)

    1. Ahahaha...yes, I guess the personal pronoun is potentially confusing. This is why it doesn't particularly pass my "poetry ought to be universal" test. Maybe I should have put that at the beginning.

    2. I was totally teasing you and in no way was I remotely confused. ;)

    3. hehehe...I know. I am enjoying teasing from friends and family quite a bit more than I thought I would originally. I think that's definitely a good sign.

  5. Heather, hope all is well with you, haven't "seen" you around for a bit...maby you are busy with life (john) :-)

    1. I am. :-) BUT hopefully things will pick up again shortly.

  6. I haven't mentioned this before (oops) but I LOVE this poem.


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