Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Basketball and Our Petty Jealousies

Bent with the silvered knowledge of fifteen years
Together we proclaimed the prophecy
In the swagger of our sophistication
We handed down the theory
That if gas reached three dollars a gallon
People would just stop driving
There and then; only you were so tall
Mighty in your sullenness
When all that mattered was basketball and
Our petty jealousies
I actually can’t recall a word you ever spoke
And what now when our hearts still dance
To the same distant tribal drumbeat
When indeed our poetry walks hand in hand
Despite the ponderous decade sitting between us
You are at the touch of my finger-tips
But I hesitate to fall back to the time
When all that mattered was basketball and
Our petty jealousies

    This is kind of what I think about a childhood crush (such a stupid word) now that I'm old and wise (*ahem*). Especially ones whose blog you stumble across in a strange sequence of events. Fun stuff!


  1. Oo your childhood crush blogs? I wish people I knew in person blogged. Well, I guess there's one with a Tumblr.

  2. It's not quite as cool as you might think because at this point it's just weird to follow. hahaha

  3. perceptive. yep. funny how so many first crushes we have
    and then can barely remember a word that person ever


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