Monday, June 11, 2012

To the Unnamed Atheist

Whispers of intentional disrepair
Lawless effigies of science
Set up in stalwart un-trustworthiness 
Cling here
Because the storm is a’coming
But they won’t save you
Doubt floods your mind and you wonder
Whether your accusings of a closed mind
Point back at you with the same fingers
You jab in the eyes of the faithful
You are blind
In your whisperings, your musings
In the garden
Did God really say
Did God really
Did God
Create this world just to fall into disrepair
You’ve repaired his world in your image
His son recast in your own womb
And in his place you’ve raised stones and grass and atoms and
A vacuum
Nature and nature’s God abhors this


  1. Very interesting...and also very thought-provoking.

  2. Hay, I was wondering if you would be willing to do a poetry reading?

    1. Oh man, I would love to have the fortitude to say yes, but the answer is probably no. For all my intrepid blogging, I'm a dreadful coward when it comes to reading aloud my own work. However, I like to ATTEND poetry readings. Where would this one be?

    2. Not sure yet...there is a poem of yours that I really would like to hear live...

      this was an idea I got from Ben ditty, and I have never heard my poetry out loud and wanted to. I will let you know when and where...shoot me an email so I have your contact...

  3. that was so glad that i found your write beautifully...have the best of days and dont forget to smile

    1. Thank you, Brian. I'm glad you found the blog too! :-)


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