Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Carrie should skip this because she doesn't like reading about heat. ;-)

I welcome in the wet heat
And it’s a jungle out there
I even hear the monkeys
Perhaps this unopened door
Has hid the rainforest all along
The mugginess like a blanket
Softening the wind song
Disturbing the insects
Making us all feel foreign
The glass door is cracked
And jungle winds have entered
Bringing a wasp and the biggest fly
I’ve ever seen in the jungle
The air so full of moisture
It feels like lies
The windows sweat despite the open door
Out of which the monkeys call
No other creature makes this sound
If I’m silent I feel drumbeats
I can even hear the wetness


  1. I saw the title and started to scroll down and caught your comment. ha! Anything with the word "sweat" in it definitely lacks appeal.

    1. Hahaha! I thought you might appreciate the warning.

  2. As someone who is obsessed with rain forests (particularly the Amazon rai forest), I really loved this poem!


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