Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Limerick for Venice - A Book Poem

There once was a lawyer named Felice
Prosecuting on behalf of the Fenice
But the ones he thought guilty
Were considerably wealthy
And prominent members of Venice

    This happened when I was reading John Berendt's The City of Fallen Angels and realized how similar all those names looked on paper. Now, please don't tell me you are an Italian speaker and those aren't pronounced the same. I have a sneaking suspicion of that already...just enjoy it. 
     As background The Fenice was an old opera building that was destroyed by fire in the late 1990s. Felice was the lawyer assigned to the task of prosecuting who was responsible for the fire. Clearly.


  1. I really enjoyed this because of the background.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I was in a whimsical mood, and those don't come that often. Though I do enjoy limericks.

  2. I'm more of an Italian eater than speaker ;)

    But as always enjoyed your sense of history.

    1. Great! Then you probably won't mind if I botched any pronunciation. :-)


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