Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Mother's Love

This broken world is dripping darkness
Satan covers all our hands
Our mouths can only bleat to Christ
And weep in hope against the fear
There are bigger things and deeper things
And ugly poured in all the cracks
But glimpses of love break free
Dim appearances of final peace
She notices his teeth
Of all the people dying and the screaming and the pain
She notices his teeth are shifting slightly
And ponders in her heart what to do
For her son
This seeming petty trial
Not really so silly when you realize
How deep and dizzy disconcerting
Mothers' eyes
Watch their children
Watch their teeth
Their souls
And they worry against the darkness
Dripping down their hearts
And they cry and turn to Jesus
Yet they hope against the fear
There is beauty in this watching
She, the only one who notices
His teeth


  1. Wonderful word use: bleat to Christ, dripping darkness. Mmm.


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