Thursday, January 19, 2012


O leave me alone with my soul
Man of the misplaced dreams
I'm silencing laughter and I think
Angel Investor sounds lovely
I'm searching three pairs of eyes
Their faces so present
Almost as if they really care
And I'm waiting for someone to drop the joke
And I nod when they nod
And I arrange my face to
Concern when a man finds a bag
One shade lighter than the last bag
And the CTQs and SAPs and SKUs and PLMs
And I'm aware she's wearing TOMS
I'm aware the ceramic horses on the bookshelves are hideous
I'm aware that her ring looks like Easter frosting
I press my foot into the conference table to stay here
Stay present, stay aware
Wanting to scream
Who cares

Something my brain insisted on putting together during a conference at work. Curse you, brain.


  1. Don't listen to her, Heather's brain! Bless you instead.

    PS I care. A great poem! Very happy to see a new post after so long :)

    1. My brain thanks you! Although it was particularly distracting during my very important work meeting. ;-)

      And yes, I'm glad every time I come up with even something rough to post.

  2. Frustration breeds creativity...not always in the direction we need it!!!

  3. ... nod when they nod ... Ha! I totally understand that- been there hundreds of times? I love how you take something so uneventful as a meeting and set it to verse! Great refreshing read, lady!!!

    1. Thank you, John. I was amusing myself actually with this one.


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