Monday, January 30, 2012

The Scarf That Launched a Thousand Ships

I was all pretense and bravado
As I pushed the heavy door in
Unclosing the dim-lighting and wood-muffled brewery sounds
I saw a group of beautiful people and hesitated
Terrified you'd be among them
When I finally saw you standing casually behind the bar
Like you belonged in every moment
My heart did not race, or skip, or somersault
Rather expanded, to take in your entirety
Your myth and your manhood
And the pub grew people-less as I walked warm to you
Our mundane conversation, fell on my head
And flowed like Aaron's oil
Convincing me I was set apart and chosen
And in a way, as we complacently communicated
Shoulder-to-shoulder, I was.

A lot of my poetry does not make it to the blog, being a mite too personal. This one was almost a casualty of my caution. It's actually been on hold for almost a year.

Also, a note on housekeeping: My other blog has recently suffered a url change. It's a url that is insufferably long. Ready? I know, I know! It's only a placeholder till I can find a better one.
I know not a lot of you who read this one care to read the other, and that is fine, but I do know that some people were experiencing trouble accessing the other due to the url change. This was the only way I knew to publicize what the issue could be. So, if you read my other blog and can't seem to access it for some reason, that is the reason. If you don't, just disregard this message.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He turned 21. You should all follow his blog and wish him happy (late) birthday. He's a poet too.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Mother's Love

This broken world is dripping darkness
Satan covers all our hands
Our mouths can only bleat to Christ
And weep in hope against the fear
There are bigger things and deeper things
And ugly poured in all the cracks
But glimpses of love break free
Dim appearances of final peace
She notices his teeth
Of all the people dying and the screaming and the pain
She notices his teeth are shifting slightly
And ponders in her heart what to do
For her son
This seeming petty trial
Not really so silly when you realize
How deep and dizzy disconcerting
Mothers' eyes
Watch their children
Watch their teeth
Their souls
And they worry against the darkness
Dripping down their hearts
And they cry and turn to Jesus
Yet they hope against the fear
There is beauty in this watching
She, the only one who notices
His teeth

Thursday, January 19, 2012


O leave me alone with my soul
Man of the misplaced dreams
I'm silencing laughter and I think
Angel Investor sounds lovely
I'm searching three pairs of eyes
Their faces so present
Almost as if they really care
And I'm waiting for someone to drop the joke
And I nod when they nod
And I arrange my face to
Concern when a man finds a bag
One shade lighter than the last bag
And the CTQs and SAPs and SKUs and PLMs
And I'm aware she's wearing TOMS
I'm aware the ceramic horses on the bookshelves are hideous
I'm aware that her ring looks like Easter frosting
I press my foot into the conference table to stay here
Stay present, stay aware
Wanting to scream
Who cares

Something my brain insisted on putting together during a conference at work. Curse you, brain.