Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still Emmanuel

“Isn’t it weird” she said,

“When a room is cleaned you want to dance in it”

That’s true I suppose since I grasped the broom

And kicked up my heels to the tribal beat on the door

Provided by my baby brother

Who has long since stopped being a baby and

Beats with powerful hands

So the neighbors will know how much fun we’re having

When Christmas is over

Because the baby back in Bethlehem

Is still with us

Still Emmanuel

Still interceding for us

Still mopping up our stains with his hole-y hands

And leaving our hearts pure under God

So clean we feel like dancing


  1. Now talk about inspiring and uplifting! Was this a true story? I love the 'hole-y hands' image ...

  2. Thank you. Yes, a true story. We were taking down the Christmas decorations. :-)

  3. "Hole-y hands." Ha. Its a little atypical of your poetry to use puns, but this one is good!

  4. It's not a pun. It's two thoughts linked. And thank you.


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