Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye #3

The last lingerments of summer

Wrap my wrists like wet rags

Clinging to the inside of the washing machine

The last thoughts of our last time

Shoulder to shoulder

Communing with our vanity

And you touched my back and my heart

And your name once more rings

At long last, deep in my center

Where I can’t push you out

You’ve stepped out into beyond

And you’re finally on your way

I’m proud of you

But I ache from my fingertips

Stretched over mountain ranges

Where you learn to fly and your soul is filled

I’ll wrap my prayers around you like feathers

You’ll be the man I already knew you were

And you fear becoming

If you turn now there’s a chance I’ll run

You choose the direction

I find it funny that in the very last few days of this month I've posted more than I have in the entirety of other months. Do you?


  1. Don't run! ;)

    Great poetic journey we've been on!

  2. I love that you post more- you always have great reads and I totally enjoy your style of writing (exceedingly authentic) ...

  3. Thank you both for your kind words.


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