Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodbye #2

And anyway, you weren't as sure as I was
Me confidently ordering the last martini you've ever bought me
You confused in the domination of the conversation
I can't tell you now my night terrors
And, anyway, I still see on you on cliff face
I'm still healing your hands
Thank you for my lyricism


  1. Very enigmatic. Wondering about the inspiration.

  2. I love it when poems are the personal reflection of the poet’s own personal history- especially when it’s just regular, mundane human stuff given an aesthetic spin. Again, I love your works.

    I do wonder, though, the meaning of: “I still see on you on cliff face” … is ‘cliff’ a play on the name of a person, or is it something else?

  3. John: Thank you for your wonderful comments!
    I SO wish I could admit to being that clever, but no, it's more a reference to a shared experience.

  4. Nice! I think I like this one almost as much as Birdman.

  5. Ah. This is appropriately melancholic. Lovely.


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