Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tins - Fragment

Clouds pile
And the touched tins sound like
Passive in ignorance
And tools of industry
They pile like clouds
Like pancakes
Only silver

So, I have a limited universe and I realize how often certain thoughts or images come up over and over and over in what I write. Exhibit A: Swallows. Have you heard them? They sound like tin. Exhibit B (which doesn't make an appearance here): Fog. And how you never catch up to it.

I think about these things (obviously too much) because I think they are beautiful. I just can never quite write down the beauty of it. I guess that's why God made the world and not me.


  1. God made you too!

    Just playing on your sentence structure in that last bit ;)

    Great poem though. Always a treat. Fog, swallows, industry and pancakes. A daring and illuminating combination.

  2. hahahaha...yes, I meant, I didn't make the world.

    Thank you! I actually think pancakes should factor into MORE things. Hands down favorite breakfast food. :-)

  3. When I read the poems of Hilda Doolittle I’m completely overwhelmed by her imagery- almost mystically overwhelmed. The way she employs images in her works is just amazing- she draws me deep, deeply into the ideas she’s expressing … I love her works.

    I’ve noticed that about your poetry- it reminds me of hers. You seem to take the simplest of experiences and radicalize them with some of the most splendid image there is. I love and feel this poem, and totally understand and agree with your comment- i.e. it’s difficult to articulate the beauty one’s exposed to. This may be true of humans in general, but you seem better able to do it than most people.

    I’m thankful that I’m blessed to know your works.

  4. **with some of the most splendid images there are**

    Sorry ...

  5. Hahaha...I actually didn't notice the mistake till you corrected it. Glad you are honest. :-)

    Thank you so much for the good words, friend. I don't know that I've read much of Hilda Doolittle, but I am now going to become her biggest fan. Haha! Well, at least I'm gonna read up on her a little.

    I have found that when I deal with big big BIG issues, I get a little lost. But my more "home like" poetry tends to be a lot better. As you put it "articulating the beauty one is exposed to."

  6. It would be so awesome if you allowed me to put a link to your blog on my site (it would go under Blogs of Worthy Note) ... it would mean a lot.

  7. Of course you may! And then maybe I will feel guilty enough to make me post/write more. hehehe!

    Thank you.

  8. Done and done ... thanks, I love this site of yours!

  9. Awesome! And I hope the last post didn't kill your enthusiasm. I just needed to post SOMETHING. hahaha! Thank you again for the publicity. :-)


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