Thursday, October 6, 2011

Untitled Fragment

It was in the first days that I wished for foolishness
And in the ensuing weeks I wished it didn't matter
When in questioning the wisdom of wisdom
I knew the seriousness of the situation
I had stepped into the wisdom of myself
And now in death and darkness I wish for foolishness
The which, put God incarnate in my skin
And in my place, beginning and ending
Not my will...Not
My will
Not my plans and not my daydreams
I had to give over to your hands

This is what happens when I ramble after a particularly moving sermon.


  1. for sure, relax, release and give it over to
    the Great Spirit & watch how life flows

  2. How did I miss both of these comments!?
    Ben: I'm going to get a gigantic head, my friend. haha
    Shauna: Thanks for the comments!


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