Friday, October 14, 2011


I've been warned about men like you
The bird men
Born for flying on and flying away
To the next warm heart, when winter sets in
You've folded your wings incautiously
And I saw them, and we saw them
But I blinded myself
I thought I'd cage you with carefulness
Thought that our tears, more intimate than touch
Would clip your wings
And soft murmurings would forever cement your feathers
But the breeze came and the summer ended
And yet I hear your bird song
When the wind trends west
And the phantom wings you kissed to my back
Flutter in their nothingness

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Untitled Fragment

It was in the first days that I wished for foolishness
And in the ensuing weeks I wished it didn't matter
When in questioning the wisdom of wisdom
I knew the seriousness of the situation
I had stepped into the wisdom of myself
And now in death and darkness I wish for foolishness
The which, put God incarnate in my skin
And in my place, beginning and ending
Not my will...Not
My will
Not my plans and not my daydreams
I had to give over to your hands

This is what happens when I ramble after a particularly moving sermon.