Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poetical Sounds About Summer's End

And when the summer finally descended
It was immediately swallowed by fall-chill
Here the swallows have arrived
Their mechanical tin rustlings, thrilling the evergreens
The trees not so lucky begin to flame and unclothe themselves
To the backdrop of a setting summer

The sky looks frenzied
The tornado seems to have swept all of Oz
Into monochromatic emptiness
Pouring its color back to Kansas
The sun peers like a drunken landowner over fog banks
Into mountains, hilly with snowlessness
Cloud hands open
If I could, I'd tell the little girl next door
I'm shedding my winter skins and sun jumping
She'd point out the leftover chill
But I'd tell her not to wait
We won't know blue like we do today


  1. *gushes*

    The references to Oz blew me away :)

  2. Thank you, Ben. I love that you cut to the chase and just inserted *gushes*


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