Monday, August 29, 2011

The Day A Butterfly Flew In One Window And Out The Other

The frantic dance
Chance happenstance
And suddenly you seem to be
Invariable destiny
I'm stopped
In passage unutterable
Delicate wings unfolded
'Cross my lips and hope to die
A butterfly is passing by
This break you make
In your mistake
I could nearly let it go to my head
Instead I'll drive with butterflies


  1. I love every inch of this poem. Your rhymes are spot on. The beauty just... flows.

  2. Can I quote this line if I credit you on Twitter?

    "'Cross my lips and hope to die
    A butterfly is passing by

  3. Thank you so much, Ben! And absolutely you may quote me. Basically as long as it's clear that it's my lines you may tweet away. :-)

  4. Just posted it :) Here's a link to my Twitter if you want to see!/benditty

  5. And just like that you have a new follower. Thank you for the publicity. You are too kind.

  6. i'm stopped.
    could use a pause,
    because it's my favorite part of the poem.

  7. Funny you mentioned that. In my head when I'm reading this poem it has a pause, but you're right, I could at least put a space to represent what is in my head.

  8. ....actually, tried that and didn't like it. Maybe I'll make that correction in future spoken word album (lol).

  9. More, more! We need more poems! ;)


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