Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Things so unseen make it hard to fix our eyes
Even when we comprehend the promise
Momentarily of blessed blessedness eternal
And the trust of leaning on His arms
Bigger than my faith
The accuser stands at my left hip counting
And recounting my blame
For my eyes have been fixed
On perishing man
And not on the plans of His maker
Let me recall your unfailing promises
Happy if I live in you.

Ok, it's incomplete and slightly off sounding, but I figured I ought to make good on my last post and actually post something before my followers think I died.


  1. Yay, you're alive ;)

    Really liked that last line. Brings to mind a lot of different images.

  2. Good poem. I would get rid of "blessed" and just go with "blessedness." It sounds cleaner and doesn't bring to mind this scene from Thumb Wars.

  3. Thanks, Ben!

    Oh Pseude, how you crack me up! Honestly, I was unsure of that line myself and you're probably correct. Like, I said, it's incomplete.


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