Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Three dead mice
I thought they were two
But I didn't see the baby
Which couldn't have been a baby due to fur
A mouse before its prime nonetheless
These had seemed to escape the wheels of the ubiquitous forklift
They were whole
As if they spent their entire lives
In a sack of grain, gorging themselves
Living fulfilled mouse family lives
Doing mouse family deeds
Until one morning they awoke
And behold they were all dead

Yup, so I'm kind of sick, but there are a lot of dead mice particularly outside one certain warehouse. I am usually sort of surprised by them, and have learned to look down as I walk there. This piece is kind of rough and I need to start naming my poems again, but I figured since I hadn't posted in a while...

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  1. We had a lot under a greenhouse we took apart. But I wonder what these mouse family deeds are? ;)


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