Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wind in the Wheat

An immense emerald glittering carpet
All stalks alike in the wind's eyes
His breath making each one alive
Each stalk bends towards his neighbor
To kiss
To battle
To dance
To kill
To embrace
To push
Against loneliness they seek
Stalk with stalk
Wave upon wave
The wind watches and one day all will raise to the wind
An open palm
Some screeching their significance
Others silently bowed
The wind will animate without borders

This was a response a while back in response to SB1070 down in Arizona. I am not directly commenting on closed borders or immigration or racism or anything in here. What I am saying is I believe in a God who sees us as either His children or not, regardless of race or citizenship. And I do not think I'll ever understand Christians who wouldn't see an influx of new people as a chance to spread the gospel, and an opportunity to show His love to them. Honestly, I have absolutely no good ideas about "fixing" whatever is wrong with illegal immigration or the process of citizenship, but I know many believers who are not looking at this the way we ought.

P.S. I hate the first line. Anyone have any ideas of how to make it better? Collaborative poetry, anyone?


  1. An expansive, sable, sparkling quilt?

    Not very good but all I could think of.

  2. That beats what I have there. I can't be sure if I thought I was overdoing it on the word, "emerald" or if it was "carpet" I had a problem with. I am pretty sure it is "carpet." I do like "quilt."

  3. a yellow brick road. :)

  4. First line is good, I think. It's pretty descriptive and reminds one of a lot of beauty. I like it.


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