Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There's a light there, Noah
As you approach the battleground
I know before you do, that you
Are about to take your brother's toys
Your black eyes shimmer
As your mother leaves the room
And your round full cheeks crease
With the loveliest of baby smiles
As you push over his newly formed castle
Then onto plump knees you fall
Tearing apart moat and drawbridge
Plundering his building blocks
A tremble begins upon his lips
How can I look into your shining eyes and scold?
You adorable rapscallion infant!
Your one-toothed grin is rakish
And unconquerable
This is beyond armistice
I've lost this war and go to find the crackers

This is another one written as an excercise doing my poetry workshop from last year. We were supposed to think of something that made us very happy, and I picked working in the nursery at my church. My mother is going to read this and be shocked that I said it makes me happy, but it has its moments, and when they happen I love it. It also has its moments where I want to flee for my life and my peace, but I imagine that is similar to motherhood.


  1. i think it's beautiful.

  2. What kind of poetry workshops do you go to?

    Great description. Particularly liked:

    "Your one-toothed grin is rakish
    And unconquerable"

  3. We have annual poetry festivals here, and they usually have a workshop on one of the days. Last year was the first time I've gone. I'm a bit shy reading aloud. It was good for me though, to take my art up a notch.

    Thank you very much. :-)


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