Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comfortable With Your Own Demons

It seems incredible now
When the earth shook I'd find a doorway
Slip under a table
A reality I learned
When my ballet career was cut short
All I thought of was you
It seems surreal now
A throng of pink legs in the street
And I couldn't see you
I couldn't find you
I didn't think of it as abnormal
Years from now
You've grown comfortable with your new demon
It seems incredible now
Your world shaking down the plaster
And you remain calm
He is not a natural disaster

I wrote a gigantic explanation for this piece, but realized this was not the blog for my essay on the world's fallen state, the second coming of Christ, marriage, natural disasters, family ties, and ballet. Perhaps my other blog would be a better venue. It will suffice to say, I wrote this for my sister, who married her own earthquake.


  1. i like the idea of "marrying an earthquake"
    it made me smile.

  2. I think "I wrote this for my sister, who married her own earthquake" would make an incredible prologue to the poem as well :)

    Love the idea of that.

  3. Heh, thanks to the both of you. I had a sneaking suspician when I wrote that last, that I was goign to like that more than the poem itself. And I did.


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