Monday, January 31, 2011

Social Scene

I wrote this quickly about three years ago, and have done no editing. It really shows, but I liked it a little despite its flaws:

Social Scene

We’re dancing that dance again
The steps were planned for us before we even entered the ballroom
Across the shifting sands of social mores
We tango with our eyes and hands
They speak truths that our lips turn into suppressed resistance
Jealousy turns your every move into a tactical one

You’re writing poetry with your knees again
I respond by crossing my arms
Which you interpret as me throwing down distance
When really it is to hold down my heart
Accelerated by a lift of your eyebrow
I am grateful for the coffee that fills our significant pauses
With insignificant phrases like
“This coffee is really terrible”or
“They should invest in a different brand”
You’ve branded your poetry on my fingers
Which cross and uncross in well timed ways

I’m texting you again
As if the game wasn’t complicated enough
Technology re-wrote the rule book
You and I are too shy
We were doomed from the start

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful analysis of body language. Loved the line: "You’re writing poetry with your knees again."


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