Tuesday, January 18, 2011


More from the Cryptid project. This is sort of a personal story of something a friend and I saw when swimming in the Chattanooga river.

The sleekness of you rising mysterious
From shadow-pools your gentle reminder
Not to desecrate this, your haunt in blackness
I’ve gained some respect for the river-gods
I clutch the sweater we carried
Down the great wall of Chattanooga
In this lifetime our bodies shared water-space
And time loomed in like lateness and hallucination
Neither forgot and neither saw the river without you again

I will not be updating for a while. I'm having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and won't be doing anything. I hope to be back on Monday.


  1. You should try to write after you get your wisdom teeth taken out, it might be some very interesting work ;)

  2. I'm WAY ahead of you. My poetry notebook is already by my bed. It will be interesting to read what I come up with. I think I'll call it, The Oxycodone Project.

  3. I love it when a poem takes you somewhere you've never been and makes you feel as if you've known it your whole life.


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