Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7. Perfect Forever

More from the Hebrews project:

A veil
A gulf really
A wall before perfection
One trembles
And the rope is curled around an ankle
At the other side breathless servants
Is this enough
Is it ever enough
Will the rope go taught?
Will we even need the rope?

A body
The God-man really
A bridge to perfection
One trembles
And the nail is driven through the ankles
Round the cross, breathless women
Is this enough
Is it ever enough
Will our King now die?
Will we have any hope?

A man
A sheep really
Looking forward to things unseen
One trembles
And the immensity of this love tightens the throat
Churches fill with breathless servants
This is enough
It has always been enough
Do we deserve this?
Dare we rise from our knees?

A girl
Me really
O Lord God, you are perfection
I tremble
And your beauty surrounds my heart
On the one hand, I'm a sinner
But your grace is enough
It is enough
God, I praise you
I thank you, indeed


  1. This one is really good! I like the last line the most. Was this also from your reading through Hebrews?

  2. Thanks Peter. Yes, it was from Hebrews. The numbers are the chapter titles...I don't know if you caught onto that.


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