Monday, March 23, 2015

Up Before the World

I’m up before the world
All around me everyone is held by Morpheus
But I am at the knee of Pegasus
Tasting each moment
Like each sip of coffee
There is a sort of superiority to know the world
Before the world awakens
To feel the morning chill
And reason with the drops of time
Let them know I am sorting out each one
Contemplating the world
I’m alone with my vigilant maker
He and I are talking about beauty
He wills me savor the cold and the silence
And each call of the bird
His morning magic is here just for me
For I am up before the world
And the day is mine for a few moments
This is peace

WOW I did not realize how long it has been since I posted on this one. The sad thing is I didn't really stop writing, I just started getting even more critical. I should just stop being weird and post whether it is great or not, like I did with this one.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Clapping Alone

You're alive, brace yourself
The horrifying fact of life is that
Ever breathing, ever marching
On in proof that moving is worth it
You have to trust in a beyond
Because tomorrow you could die
And if you don't someone else will
Brace yourself
For the pain of beauty
And the comfort of monotony
And being born, perhaps for great
Perhaps for nothing at all
But you are living now and now is all
So revel in it
You're alive
Act like you don't notice the holes
Like you are filled with spaces
You're alive, brace yourself

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Maranatha (A Fragment)

No more sorrow 
No more shade
Maranatha Jesus
And when you descend
Remember me and
This time the knees will bow, the tongues confess
This world swallowed by happiness

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Our steps forward and we hear them
Whistles under whispers
Peeping under Patters
And the tin rustles and the layers of sound
Hypnotizing and Surrounding
Each musician wrapped in the glory
Of his own voice
Each concurrent wave offsetting the next
And our steps forward
And our ears to the side
As we pass the explosion and crescendo skywards

~for Annie

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quoth My Demons

I feel I must write
About what, you ask
Maybe love, I say reading your hints non-verbally
But it's been written I quickly follow
Maybe politics, I say and you shudder
Probably already thinking of the shrill screams
Maybe nature, I say
You stifle a yawn with the back of your hand
You were born too late, you say
Everything to say has been said
There is nothing new under the sun
You leave and I open the book of Ecclesiastes
I'll write of an inexhaustible God, I whisper

Monday, December 2, 2013

Return to Poetry

And when we return to poetry
Will the lyrical voices rise
To the occasion or sink
In the cynicism of a wonderless world
Because our hymns are no longer holy
And our praises lack a center
When we return to beauty
Will the artists forget their brushstrokes
And will the paint continually
Drip continual streaks of anger and apostasy
When we hold out our hands for bread
Will we receive a scorpion?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Call of the Wild

I was not thinking of you
At the sink where my foot itched
And I lost track of my work
I was thinking of the call of the wild
And how dogs can’t hear it nowadays
Because the sirens are too loud
Also my foot was itchy
Perhaps it had found the mosquito
That kept my mother awake two nights in a row
Perhaps it had found other denizens
Of my bedroom walls that once held you in sleep
Only I didn’t want to think of that
And maybe the call of the wild is overrated
The adventure perhaps is learning to love
And to be loved
And maybe making a civilization
Is truly the frontier
In thinking of not thinking of you
You swam to the front of my brain
I had to blink to hold you in
To realize the adventure of you
The wild calls
And I have grown more serious